Cleaning Tips and Techniques

The world is a chaotic place. Whether it's a hurricane or a tornado that destroys your favorite possessions, or your 3 year old child who discovers new uses for magic marker, there are always going to be things you need to get clean again. Here are tips and techniques that I have discovered over the years, to help you make your world like new again.

General Cleaning Advice
Set a Cleaning Schedule
Making Odor Absorbing Gel
Making / Refreshing a Reed Diffuser
Roomba Robotic Cleaner
Cleaning Product Reviews

Cleaning by Room
Bathroom, Bathtub, Toilet
Shower Appliances
Cellar / Basement
Kitchen, Microwave, Stove
Office / Study

Cleaning by Item Type
Carpets / Rugs
Maytag Dishwasher Care and Maintenance
Cleaning Humidifiers

Clothing and Cleaning
Clothes Washing Basics
Clothes - Common Stain Removal
Water Damaged Clothing
Clothing Donations
What Is Dry Cleaning?

Car Cleaning
Cleaning your Car�s Exterior
Cleaning your Car�s Interior
Washing your Pets

Organization Basics and Tips

Stress Relief
Stress Relief Tips

Storage, Preservation and Repair
Book Care and Storage
Photograph Care and Storage
Tintype Care and Storage

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Reviews
Bissell 7350 PROdry Fast-Drying Carpet Cleaner
Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner