Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Talk about the perfect robotic home pet!! The Roomba is a circle shaped robot about 1' in diameter that zips around your carpet, cleaning it without any work by you at all. Depending on which model you get, the Roomba even knows how to return to its home base by itself to recharge, and can run on a schedule that you set!

Here are more details on the Roomba robot. Enjoy!

Roomba Types
History of the Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Roomba Robot - Initial Version, 2002
Roomba Red Robot - 2004
Roomba Discovery Robot - 2004
Roomba Discovery SE Robot - 2004
Roomba Sage Robot - 2004
Roomba Scheduler Robot - 2005
Roomba Dirt Dog Robot - 2006
Roomba Pet Robot - 2006
Roomba with IntelliBin Robot - 2006
Roomba 560 Speaking Robot - 2007
Comparison of Roomba Models

Roomba Operation
Leaving and Docking At the Home Base
Cleaning the Roomba
Roomba Undercarriage
Roomba and Stairs
Roomba and Stairs
Roomba OSMO for upgrading

Roomba Photos, Videos and Reviews
Day One of my Roomba Scheduler
Week One of my Roomba Scheduler
Three Months of my Roomba Scheduler
My Review of my Roomba Scheduler
Videos of the Roomba Scheduler in Action

Scooba Basic Information
Priming the Scooba Pump
Scooba and Battery Life

Roomba scheduler

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