Humidifiers and Cleaning

We all live in different parts of the world with different climates. Some areas of the world are incredibly humid already and the last thing they need is more humidity. For others of us, having a healthy humidity level needs assistance from a humidifier.

I live in a mixed area. In the summertime we often have to run dehumidifiers to keep down the mugginess. In the wintertime, it's humidifiers that get drawn out. Most people aim for a range between 35% to 50% humidity to keep their lungs and skin working properly. If your body gets too dry, all sorts of things start failing. Your skin cracks. Your nose area dries out and stops filtering allergens properly. On the other hand, if you stay too wet, then fungal infections can happen. It's all about balance.

Humidifier Reviews
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Testing your Humidity:
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Whatever humidifier you choose to use, it's absolutely critical that you keep it clean. Otherwise it'll be blowing mold and fungus into your house, which is the opposite of helpful :).

Cleaning your Humidifier

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