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Lisa Shea Medieval Romance Lisa Shea´s medieval romance novels celebrate courageous women of honor and the loyal men who stand steadfastly by their side despite overwhelming odds.

Lisa Shea has written twelve medieval romance novels. Each novel features a heroine whose core of honor drives her to do what is right, no matter the consequences or challenges. Loyal friends support the heroine's quests and ideals. In each story a worthy man respects her beliefs, protects her when she's down, and remains determinedly alongside her against any foe.

Lisa's medieval romance novels are written in the non-explicit-intimacy style of Pride and Prejudice. She creates worlds rich with longing and hope, laced with desires for a better world, while leaving bedroom scenes to the imagination. The novels are appropriate for teenagers and older. The stories focus on the nuanced relationships of the characters and the turmoils they overcome.

Knowing Yourself
Kay is entranced with the possibilities which lay before her. Five handsome, willing men are vying for her hand in marriage. The stakes are ownership of a medieval keep perched on the rocky edge of a stormy ocean. Each man seems more stunning than the last, and it is her choice which will reward the prize.

Finding Peace
Elizabeth has finally gotten free. Free of her abusive father, free of the cruel fiance he had pledged her to, and free of the ties to her past. She has left it all behind and vowed to find a new start in life.

Finding Peace was awarded a 2013 IPPY silver medal.

Believing your Eyes
Lucia's father is slain before her eyes. Her keep is overrun by wolves' heads. Desperate to protect what remains of her homelands, she flees to a neighboring keep to plead for support. She nearly reaches safety when a vicious ambush leaves her near death.

A Sense of Duty
Constance had given him up. Gabriel, the one man who could make her smile, who could bring joy to her world, was gone. She drove him away and agreed to marry Barnard, a much older neighbor, to solidify her family’s borders.

Trusting in Faith
Sarah's midwife skills are the last line of defense for women with nowhere else to turn. She prides herself in the complete trust the women have in her. She would never betray one of her vulnerable charges.

Creating Memories
Storm's memory has been viciously purged by a blow from a bandit's cudgel. She has a completely blank slate, a fresh start on life. Yet doubts plague her. Was she a bandit herself? A helpless captive? When her memory returns, if it returns, would she betray those she had come to care for?

Sworn Loyalty
Mary's spartan upbringing and rigorous training have honed her for a single mission - to shield Erik from harm. His mother, Lady Cartwright, devised this final safety net before illness took her life. The Lady had no doubt that Erik's devious fiancee, Lynessa, would gleefully plan and execute her son's death. The only question was when.

Lady in Red
Jessame's best friend, Sabina, was brutally slain. Because Sabina was a fallen women, none will lift a finger to track down her killer. In desperation, Jessame takes matters into her own hands. She disguises herself as a lady of the night to lure in the murderer.

in ag lance
For five long years Joan had mourned the loss of her fiancé, Michael. At long last she was ready to move on with her life. She was going to carefully, delicately, reopen a connection with Hugh, the man honor had forced her to put aside. Perhaps now, after all the pain and suffering, she could have her one chance at joy.

Badge of Honor
Catherine's past warmed her with contented pride. Disguised as her alter-ego, Shadow, she had protected the villagers of her land, holding off wolves' heads and bringing justice to the weak. Her life provided everything she could have dreamed of.

Seeking the Truth
Morgan has sworn off marriage. She enjoys her adventures of flirtations, drinking, and occasionally accompanying her patron, Donna, on a canter through the dense forests of medieval England. Life is breathtakingly fun.

Looking Back
Kath has survived hell. She was captured by slavers, her family and friends were brutally murdered, and her village was razed. Everything she loved was lost, including Roger, the man who had filled her heart with unimaginable joy.

Seeing a Ghost
Alicia prayed that moving from Wales to Canterbury would help her escape the ghosts of her past. The ghost of her beloved Dylan who had been slain in the Crusades. She strove for a fresh start with her wood-working uncle and her treasured cousin, Ethelfleda - one of those special people who God allowed to remain child-like forever.

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About the Medieval Era
The medieval world was a rough, untamed landscape of bandits and wolves, of kings vying for power and clergy battling for prominence. Knights in armor struggled to bring order to the turmoil that threatened to overtake civilization.

The women of medieval times were not corseted and gusseted in gold thread and pearl buttons. They were required to ably defend their homes and families while their menfolk were away. The pagan influences were still strong enough to encourage equality and respect; female power was known to be potent and worthy. Far from shrinking violets, women in medieval times had to be prepared to protect hearth and home from thieves and wild animals.

Lisa's novels ring with authentic characters and situations which are as valid today as they were in medieval times. Feedback is enthusiastically welcomed!

Here are Lisa's research and notes on medieval topics.

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Academy of Knightly Arts - where I learned medieval swordfighting

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