Lisa Shea Calligraphy

Western, Chinese, and Japanese

I was an avid reader from when I was quite little. I loved writing my own stories as well. I fell in love with the shape of the letters. The way the hand flowed while writing out a word. I began practicing Western-style calligraphy when I was a teenager. Recently I've begun exploring the world of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy as well. They are very different styles of writing, and each is beautiful in its own way.

Here are some of my pages and notes about the world of calligraphy.

Book Reviews
Calligraphy - A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Lettering - Jane Sullivan
Calligraphy School - Gaynor Goffe & Anna Ravenscroft
Illuminated Letters Sketchbook - Jane Sullivan
Practical Calligraphy Techniques and Materials - Mike Darton
The Practical Guide to Calligraphy - Rosemary Sassoon

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