Getting your Book Published

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Getting your Book Published If you're a writer, your ultimate goal in life is typically that of getting your book published. I am here to help you achieve this goal! By following these steps, and applying yourself diligently to the path, your dream of getting your book published will soon be a reality. You've taken the first step by coming to this site!

How do I know these steps will help you get published? By following these steps I now have published over three hundred books. I have both self-published and worked with traditional publishers. I have used literary agents and worked on my own. My books include:

* Medieval Sweet Romance Adventures - fourteen book series
* Sutton Massachusetts Mysteries - four book series
* Mused Literary Review - over ten years of quarterly art-and-literature issues
* Low Carb Cookbooks - Thirteen book series

* Lisa's Full Library of Published Books
* List of Lisa's Free Ebooks.

I have published paperback and ebook. I've published fiction and non-fiction. Full length novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories. Standalones and serials. I have personally used CreateSpace, Lulu, CafePress, Nook, Apple, SmashWords, Kobo, D2D, and many other sites. My experiences explained here are all from my first hand knowledge of using those to publish books.

Here is my step by step guide with over 1,000 pages and images to help you in getting your book published! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on this material. I'm happy to help.

Overview of Self Publishing a Book

Setting the Stage
Getting Free Kindle Books
Preparing Yourself for Writing
Finding Time for Writing
What Software to Write your Book In
Typing your Novel vs Speaking with Dragon
First Novel when you're Old
First Novel when you're Young
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
Famous Dates in Publishing

Writing the Book
Get Your Book Written - The Basics
Starting to Write
Organizing your Files
Handling Writer's Block
Choosing Character Names
Is Your Story Unique?
Fake It Until You Make It
Losing Data / Files while Writing

Single and Double Quotes
Fixing Curly Quote Issues
Comma Use
Apostrophe Use
Em and En Dashes

Writing Style Notes
Capitalization in Writing
Then vs And Then
I'm sorry, or I'm sorry;
That vs Which
Commonly Confused Words
Writing Style - Sparse to Lush
Using "Said" When Writing Dialogue
Indicating the Speaker in Dialogue
Writing in Past vs Present Tense
Point of View in Writing
Word Order when Writing
Avoiding Adverbs - Why?
Avoiding Feeling / Felt as Modifiers
Writing in a Screenplay Style

Technical Details of Document Setup
Paragraph Mark vs Line Break
Spacing vs Tabs for First Line Indent
Chapter Headings
Choosing a Font

Images in a Book
Images - an Overview
Images and Transparency

Book Length
Short Story vs Novella vs Novel
Chapbook - What Is It?
Setting a Book Length
Dividing an Epic into Single Books

Parts of a Book
Parts of a Book - Overview
Title Page
Colophon Page
Table of Contents
Dedication Page
Half Title
Body Matter
About the Author
Other Books by the Author

Editing / Reviewing the Book
Offering Constructive Criticism
Handling Criticism from Reviewers
How to Correct in a Word Document
Organizing / Copying Kindle Notes

Book Title Notes
Choosing a Book Title
Capitalization in Book Titles
Setting Expectations for Book Length
Why are Books Titled with A Novel at the end?

Preparing Your Book for Publication
Using a Pen Name
Book Sizing Chart
Choosing a Book Size
Headers and Footers
Setting a Gutter Margin
Page Numbers
Page Numbers and CreateSpace
Table of Contents - Special Layout
Sample Book Copyright Page
Printers Key on Copyright Page
External Trademark Mentions in your Book
Sample Acknowledgements Page
Listing your Other Books
Sample About the Author Page
Back Cover Blurb
Page Count - Multiple of 4
Proofing the PDF

Plagiarism Parody and Homage
Plagiarism Basics
Plagiarism vs Homage
Parody vs Homage
Legal Issues of Writing a Parody
Homage Examples
Character Names and Homage

Book Cover Basics
Book Cover Basics
Parts of a Book Cover
Book Covers - Paperback vs Kindle
Book Covers Change over Time
A Book Cover Should Match the Content
Using Stock Images

Book Cover Good vs Not-So-Good
Designing a Book Cover - Weddings and Courtships
Designing a Book Cover - Aspen Allegations
Designing a Book Cover - Knowing Yourself
Book Covers in 2016

Book Cover Technical Details
Book Covers on Kindle / Ebook
Technical Steps for a Book Cover - Simple
Technical Steps for a Book Cover - Advanced
Designing a Book Back Cover
Designing a Book Spine
Book Spine Text - Left or Right?
Full Cover Margin Issues

Special Features on a Cover
Creating a 3D Book Cover
Creating a Raised Medallion
Creating See-Through Text

Box Set
Why Create a Box Set?
Creating a Box Set Cover

Hiring a Cover Designer
Basics of Hiring a Cover Designer
Using Fiverr for Cover Design
Using Freelancer for Cover Design

Publisher Options - main page
Overview of Publishing Options
Traditional Publishers
... Pros of Traditional Publishers
... Cons of Traditional Publishers
Small Press Publishers
... Pros of Small Press Publishers
... Cons of Small Press Publishers
Vanity Press Publishers
... Pros of Vanity Press Publishers
... Cons of Vanity Press Publishers
Self Publishing
... Pros of Self Publishing
... Cons of Self Publishing
Using a Literary Agent

Finding a Traditional Publisher
Traditional Publishing - main page
Overview of Traditional Publishing
How Copyright Works
Working With A Literary Agent
... My Concerns about Agents
Finding a Publisher
... Writer's Market
Writing a Query Letter
... Query Letter Tips
... Query Letter Issues to Avoid
Getting To a Contract Offer
Negotiating the Contract
Working With the Publisher or Agent
Should I Suggest a Cover?
... Publishers and Editing

Working with a Vanity Press / Payment-Required Publisher
Publishing On Demand - fee based
Thoughts on Paying Up Front for Publishing
Lightning Source - fee based POD
iUniverse - fee based POD

Self Publishing Overview - **ALWAYS FREE**
Self Publishing - The Basics
Self Publishing Summary Process Start to Finish
Publishing On Demand - What Is It?

Preparing for Self-Publishing
How Copyright Works
Copyright on Online Articles
ISBN Numbers and Books
Getting a Barcode
BISAC Code and Category

Self Publishing Paperback Options - **ALWAYS FREE**
Why Start with the Paperback?
Publishing On Demand Options - FREE
Publishing On Demand - FREE comparison chart
Lulu vs CreateSpace
Working Directly with a Printer
Spiral Bound Books

CreateSpace / Amazon Publishing On Demand Step By Step
CreateSpace Step by Step - main page
CreateSpace Self Publishing
Loading Up the CreateSpace Book
Making a CreateSpace Cover
Amazon Paperback Proof Copy vs Author Copy
Channels and Pricing on CreateSpace
Review Process on CreateSpace
Timing of CreateSpace Process
Problems and Issues with CreateSpace

Lulu Publishing On Demand Step By Step
Lulu Self Publishing - Setting Up the Book
Formatting your Book for Self Publishing
Creating a Lulu Covers
Setting the Lulu Description
Setting the Lulu Preview
Promoting your Lulu Book
Problems and Issues with Lulu

Ebook Basics
What Is An Ebook?
Ebook vs PDF / What Is an Ebook?
Summary of a 8-Hour Ebook Creation
Step by Step Making an Epub / MOBI File
Summary of Putting Ebooks Live

Amazon Kindle Ebooks
Creating an Amazon Kindle Ebook - overview
Preparing your Kindle Ebook
Load your Ebook Into Kindle
Kindle Ebook - Start to Finish in 24 Hours
Combining your Kindle and Paperback Entries
Lisa's Kindle Book List

Draft2Digital (iTunes, Nook, Kobo, etc.)
Load your Ebook Into Draft2Digital

SmashWords Ebook
Load your Ebook onto SmashWords

WattPad Ebook
Load your Ebook onto WattPad

Lulu Ebook
Load your Ebook on Lulu

Google Play Ebook
Load your Ebook on Google Play

GoodReads Ebook
GoodReads - Book Review Site

Self Publishing FAQs
Money Earned from Selling Books
Earning the Most Money
Dealing with Plagiarism
Making a Non-Rectangular / Non-Square Book
What Do I Do With Old Version Books?
Book Crafts - Uses for Old Books

Markting and Promoting your Book
Mindset about Fans
Prerelease / Prereleasing Your Book
Running a Virtual Launch Party
Promoting Your Book on the Web
Sample Chapter for your Book
QR Codes and Book Marketing
Reading Trends - Book Reading by Decade

Pricing Techniques
Pricing your Ebook
Running a Free Book Special
Permafree - What Is It?

Getting Book Reviews
Basics of Getting Book Reviews
Sending Out Review Copies
GoodReads - Getting Reviews for your Books Goodreads Book Giveaways
PaperBackBookSwap - Book Review Site
Common Mistakes when Seeking Reviews
Review Swapping - Why to Avoid It
One Star Reviews

Basics of Amazon Promotion
Planning an Amazon Launch
Selling Your Book on Amazon's Marketplace
Selling with Amazon Advantage
Amazon Advantage vs Amazon Marketplace
Amazon Pricing Information
Amazon Author Central
Amazon Followers
Amazon Ads

Paying for Newsletter/Online Promotion
Basics of For-Pay Newsletter and Online Promotion
Book Basset Review
The Fussy Librarian Review

Book Shows / Book Festivals / Book Stores
Making an Author Business Card
Placing in Bookstores
Doing a Bookstore Signing
Booth at a Craft / Trade Show
Pricing Books for Book Shows
Flyer for Free Book or Books

Contests and Awards
Why Enter a Novel Contest?
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
Amazon Kindle Scout Promotion
BellaOnline Ebook Awards
IPPY Book Awards
Nautilus Book Awards

Short Stories via Traditional Magazines
Submitting to Magazines
Tips for Submitting Short Stories
SciFi Short Story Magazines
Horror Short Story Magazines

Selling Written Content / Writing on Demand - a content marketplace

Social Networking Basics
Social Networking and Book Publicity
Klout Social Networking Rating

Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Groups - FREE book promotion
Facebook Ads - an Absolute Must

Twitter Tips
Twitter Basics
Building Traffic for your Twitter Account
Followers and Twitter's Value
Twitter Rules
What is a Twitter Hashtag?
Maintaining Multiple Twitter Accounts
Choosing a Twitter Icon
Choosing a Twitter Background
What is a Twitter Hashtag?

Twitter for Authors
Twitter Promotion Tips
Twitter Next Step
Twitter 2000 Follower Limit
TweetDeck - Free App for Twitter
TrueTwit - Prevent Twitter Spam
Tweepi - Manage your Followers
ManageFlitter - Follow and Unfollow
FollowerFilter - Great Free Follower Management Tools

Creating a DVD
Selling DVDs on your Own Website
UPC Numbers and DVDs
UPC Numbers and CDs
CreateSpace - Amazon DVD Sales
FilmBaby - DVD Sales
My Steps for my Origami DVD Sales

My Books and DVDs I Have Published
Lisa's Full Library of Published Books

Writing and Designing a Successful Book Designing a Perfect Book Cover Getting Published - Choosing Your Path Traditional Publishing Step By Step Self Publishing Step By Step Book Marketing for Authors Author Signing Basics DVDs - Designing and Selling Videos

What Does It Cost to Ghostwrite a Book?
Lisa Shea's Editing Services
Lisa Shea Free Ebooks
Lisa Shea Full Library of Published Books

Friends who have Published Books
Lisa's Full Library of Published Books
Writing Tips and Online Books
Lisa Shea Medieval Romance Novels
Online Literary Magazines

Covers From A Few Of My Works

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