Cleaning your Carīs Interior

The inside of your car is your ībubbleī youīre trapped in during any commute. Help keep it clean - it affects both your sanity and your health.

One of the most common cleaning problem in a car is a spilled drink. An easy way to fix this (especially for kids) is to get those training cups with the little spot to sip from. They sell these for adults, too, for coffee and other drinks. While they may look a little silly, theyīre extremely useful. Carry one or more in your car, and if you get a drink from a fast food spot, just transfer it.

If itīs too late, and you already have a spill, try to get it out when itīs still damp. Carry towelettes in the car and pat down the spill, getting the liquid out. Which brings up another point - keep a trash bag tucked in your car. You never know when youīll have trash that needs storing.

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