Cleaning and Washing your Pets

Just like humans, pets need to be kept clean. Here are some tips on keeping your pets fresh and dirt-free.

Birds are easy. Most birds love taking baths. Just give them a fresh, clean bowl or bathtub of tepid water once a week or so. Most will gladly jump into it to clean themselves off.

Cats donīt normally need to be cleaned - they lick themselves clean naturally. You want to keep them supplied with fresh water to drink so they can do this - those automated fountains with filters are ideal for this reason. The more fresh water your cat has, the cleaner it is able to keep itself.

Dogs, on the other hand, do need to be washed occasionally. The bathtub is usually the best place to wash your dog, but the hair can cause trouble for the drains. If you donīt have a regular drain trap to put over it, try just a plastic scrubbie or a lump of steel wool. Both will let the water through while trapping any hair before it gets into the drain.

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