Lisa Shea String Art

Mindfulness in Acrylic

String art is an incredibly mindful, meditative way to create an acrylic painting. Your tools are a pair of pieces of paper, the acrylic paint in your choice of colors, and a length of string. You first lay out, on a palette or paper plate or something, the blobs of paint you want to work with. It's good to use complimentary colors. You dip the string into these various blobs. You don't necessarily want to mix the blobs all together - you're aiming to keep the colors separate along the string's length.

Once the string has these paint blobs on it in various sections, you put down one piece of paper. You lay the string onto it. The aim is for the string to go down "still" so it doesn't move on the paper. You are just lying it down with swirls and curves in its shape. You make sure a tail end of the string points toward one edge of the paper. Then you put the second piece of paper on top.

You put pressure on the top piece of paper. Then you carefully pull the string out from its "paper sandwich". The string will pull toward that center line as it draws out, creating a sweeping motion from the edges in toward that center. Once the string is fully out, you separate the two pieces of paper. You have two nearly matching works of art.

Lisa Shea String Art

Here's a video to see it in action -

Ask with any questions!

Here are a few online galleries of my string art. These are available matted as 8x10 images matted out to 11x14 for $20 each.

Blue Cyan Violet String Art
Black on Neutral Colors String Art
Copper and Violet String Art

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