Kitchen, Microwave, Stove Cleaning Tips

One of the most critical rooms to keep clean is the kitchen. If you get grime in the hallway, who really cares. It looks grimy. If you let the kitchen get messy, you can have all sorts of harmful bacterial multiplying and growing. This is especially true if you eat any meat products. It is critically important for your health that you maintain at least a basic level of cleanliness if your food area.

The key here is not to let things bake on. Once food items get crusty and baked on, it can be a nightmare to remove them. I really, really recommend a flat topped stove if you can at all afford it. They are actually pretty cheap now. They are just SO easy to clean. Everybody I know has converted over to these stoves. You scrape off the top and voila, the thing is perfectly clean. If you're going to use chemicals to clean the oven area, make sure you take ALL PETS out of the house. The oven cleaning fumes can be fatal to small animals, and aren't great for larger ones or humans either.

Most microwaves are pretty easy to clean. The trick is to microwave a large container of water in there for about 2 minutes. That steams up the interior of the microwave. Most of the gunk should now just wipe away easily. Go easy with cleaning chemicals in your microwave - you don't want them to then get into your food the next time you heat up something. Usually hot water should do the trick.

If you're going to use a sponge, make sure you rotate through to a new one every month or two. Those sponges pick up some nasty bacteria and can hold them as a breeding ground. As much as I hate "waste", this is one area where I feel safety is more important. Use a strong cleaning solution and paper towels, so that you are always getting up as much bacteria / grime as possible with each swipe. Try to clean the counters nightly, so that food items do not have a chance to fester. You might be surprised at how much "general not feeling well / tiredness" is really caused by food issues.

Because it is so germ prone, I have an entire separate page on Refrigerator Cleaning Tips.

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