Gears Cyanotype with Brush Strokes

Gears Style Cyanotype with Blue Brush Strokes

I love creating cyanotypes with bicycle gears. It combines my love of art with my love of all things geary. I grew up riding bicycles, so gears are a part of the way I view the world.

With this particular creation, I also used rough brush strokes to give a feeling of motion with the blue cyanotype liquid.

Here are four different views of the art, which is about 10 inches square. Which orientation do you prefer?

Bidding starts at $5 and goes until a day passes from the final bid! You can bid in the comments. I’ll post updates if bids come in from my various other social network feeds.

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Boston and Sutton Writing Groups


It all starts Friday!! Come join the fun! It’s the awesome SciFi Fantasy convention which is ARISIA! Since it is wholly virtual this year, you can attend from anywhere in the world.

I’ll be there with both my Boston and Sutton writing groups.

The weekend is only $25 for all amazing panels, workshops, and of course author chats! 🙂

Jan 15-18 2021 –

Boston and Sutton Writing Groups
Bunger Plushie from Bugsnax

Bunger from Bugsnax

My daughter-in-law Amanda adores the Bunger character in Bugsnax. I looked all over the web for a bunger plushie, and nobody was selling one. So I made one for her :).

Bob helped with the supplies and construction :).

The white “wrap” is felt. I had to use both stitchless fabric glue and super glue to hold it in place, and in addition I used white thread to sew the two sides closed so they would hold.

I used two different types of pipe cleaners for the fries. The yellow curly fries on the bottom are six thinner pipe cleaners. The two thicker ‘tusks’ are a yarn-style pipe cleaner in a deeper brown.

Ask with any questions!

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