Bathroom / Bathtub Cleaning Tips

You´d think bathtubs would stay super clean, since they´re being washed and soaped every day! Instead, the soap scum and dirt can make them grimy.

Shower Head
This happens to our shower all the time. The head gives less and less water as it gets clogged up with minerals. Just mix together vinegar and hot water in a pot, and raise it up so that the head of the shower sits soaking in it. After a few minutes, it should be much better!

Bathtub Stains
Those same minerals can cause your entire bathtub to be stained, depending on how often you take showers. Vinegar does the trick here, too. Take that same mixture from above and use it to sponge down the bathtub. You should be able to get rid of most mineral stains with it.

I´ve tried those ´spray after each shower´ cleaners, and they never work well for me. Plus, it´s hard to remember to use them every single time - and if you do, you run out of them almost immediately! Instead, just clean the tub monthly with a quick spray of cleaner and a sponge. If you do it before a shower, it rinses away easily.

People hate to clean the toilet - and having a grubby toilet brush sitting around is really disgusting. I really recommend those single-use brushes where you stick the scrubby head on the wand, wash it around, and throw it away. That keeps the task quick and easy, and minimizes germs that linger.

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