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My name is Lisa Shea. I was fortunate to grow up in a computer-savvy household, using thermal-paper terminals as a child for fun. I’ve had content available on the web since 1990. On December 3rd, 2001 I purchased the domain LisaShea.com to consolidate my content in one location. This website has now been online for nearly twenty years. Over those years I’ve written tens of thousands of articles for the site and loaded up tens of thousands of images.

I wrote my very first blog post here on June 6th, 2006. At the time I used custom-written software I’d created in ASP. In September 2010 I converted my blog over to WordPress. That is what you now see here.

Note that this blog area, with its thousands of entries, is in addition to my “actual” website which is made up of over 75,000 static ASP and HTML files along with images. So searching this blog with the standard sidebar blog search will search through my WordPress blog entries but it won’t search the rest of the main (hard coded) website. To truly do a global search, powered by Google, of my entire website, blog and forums, use the box below.

As always, ask with any questions. and I’d love to hear your thoughts on my website!

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All The Old Knives – Movie Review

Character Study with Top-Notch Actors and a Few Plot Issues I love spy movies. I don’t need them to be full of exploding bodies and violent torture. What I love is the intricacy of never knowing who to trust, of characters forced to betray people to serve a larger good, and the many gray areas

Day 11 / Tuesday August 30th / Flight Home

It is amazing how quickly a trip can seem to go by. One moment you’re eagerly planning the trip’s details, and the next moment you’re packing up to fly home. It’s a reminder to treasure every moment and go appreciate what one has. We knew this travel day was going to be rough. Yesterday, Monday,

Day 10 / Monday August 29th / Istanbul, Turkey

We had arrived! Istanbul was a key reason we went on this trip. My mom had seen Greece before, but she always wanted to see Istanbul. Istanbul is a central location in Ukraine’s history – in the development of its language and religion. Istanbul has two famous religious buildings – the Hagia Sofia and the

Day 9 / Sunday August 28th / Dikili, Turkey

Day 9 / Sunday August 28th / Dikili, Turkey Dikili, Turkey is another Turkish resort town for Russians. It is also a tender location, meaning to get on shore one has to go down to the bowels of the ship and wait in line to get onto a small transport boat. There weren’t any locations

Day 8 / Saturday August 27th / Ephesus, Turkey

Day 8 / Saturday August 27th / Ephesus, Turkey My mother and I were now in the ‘home stretch’ of our Greece-Turkey cruise. We were wholly finished with Greece. All three remaining stops were in Turkey. As mentioned yesterday, my feelings about Turkey had become complicated. Turkey was actively threatening Greece and Ukraine. They were

Day 7 / Friday August 26th / Rhodes, Greece

This was our final day in Greece. Then we would have three ports in Turkey and fly home from Istanbul, Turkey. It seemed like the cruise had barely begun and here we were on the final countdown of days. Also, right at this juncture, the ship crew all stopped wearing masks. It was a corporate

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