Black Cat Mini Mystery Series

Lisa Shea Regency Time Travel Romance The Black Cat Mini Mystery series are 31 short stories written one-a-day from October 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014. Each is set in Salem, Massachusetts and explores that beautiful, historic town. Lisa Shea lives about an hour west of Salem and visits often.

The Lucky Cat - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy Taylor had weathered eight rough years as a black female police officer in Boston - but enough was enough. She turned in her badge, moved up north, and set up shop as a private investigator in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Now she's surrounded by wiccans and herbalists, by crystal shops and psychic pizza-deliverymen.

The Mistake - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy Taylor is the proud owner of Josephine, an ebony bundle of fur, energy, and mischievousness. Kathy has scraped the name of her mentor off of the doorway to her new Private Investigator office. Now if she could just detangle her playful kitten from her next client ...

The Knot - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy Taylor was settling into her life as a private investigator in Salem, Massachusetts. Her new kitten, Josephine, found delight in pouncing on anything that moved. But when a mugger decides to pounce on a local newlywed, Kathy is called in to lend a hand.

The Accident - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy is drawn into investigating a classic struggle for inheritance. The poker-loving son wants the money as soon as impossible. The gentle mother just hopes to paint watercolors by the ocean. Can Kathy figure out where the threat lurks before it's too late?

The Statue - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy thought she'd take a casual jog through the beautiful streets of Salem. What she didn't count on was what she'd find hidden beneath a new friend's lawn.

The Onyx Pig - Black Cat Mini Mystery
The poor pig is often maligned. It's used as a slur against police, curvy woman, and those who appreciate good food. But in reality the pig is intelligent, loyal, and playful! It's up to Kathy to figure out the mystery behind the Onyx Pig!

The Yogini - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy had never tried yoga. Running was more her thing. But her younger sister had bought her a Groupon, and it was time to bite the bullet. Now to see if she could make it through the afternoon with her spine intact.

The Play Date - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy knew that dog owners loved to take their dogs on play dates. They released their dogs to run around at grassy parks, chasing frisbees and fetching sticks. It seemed logical that cats could enjoy the same sort of joyful play. What could possibly go wrong?

The Dancers - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Josie's sprawled in a catnip-laced heaven, and Zoe wants Kathy to come lend a hand with a strange mystery at her dance studio. In a world of dreamcatchers and golden light, something is not what it seems.

The Dog - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Cats are independent, elegant, the chosen of the Gods. Dogs are obedient, dutiful, and loyal subjects to human's rule. Like oil and water, like sharks and tornadoes, like Massachusetts and sane drivers, some things simply aren't meant to be together.

And then the dog walked into the room ...

The Balance - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Things are changing in Kathy's quiet life. Just when she is settling down into her new Private Investigator practice, something happens to throw off her balance. Will she, like a cat, land on her feet?

The Dart - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy's heart beat a little faster. She was seeing Lenny for the second time in two days. Hopefully their evening would go smoothly ... but when has anything in Kathy's life ever gone smoothly?

The Roll Top - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Kathy was faced with two sides of the coin. In one apartment, new love was blossoming, as Crystal and David grew closer together. But only a few steps away, in the apartment opposite, Amanda was watching her close-knit family fall apart ...

The Violin - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Zoe is on another wild mission - and she needs Kathy's help. It'll only take a few minutes of Kathy's time. But somehow, once again, Kathy finds herself in a mystery that needs solving.

The Couple - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Josie wants to play with her glowing-red-dot best friend, but unfortunately Kathy's gotten a phone call from Jocelyn. There's a prowler hanging around her Granny's home, and it's Kathy's job to figure out what is going on.

Murderers' Row - Black Cat Mini Mystery
If there's one universally held truth in the greater Boston region, it is that the Yankees form the Evil Empire. The Yankees even go so far as to play the Imperial March during their home games. So, when six teens in Yankee uniforms stroll down Salem's streets, trouble can't be far behind.

Box Set 1 - Black Cat Mini Mystery
Black Cat Vols. 1-10 contains the first ten short stories in the Salem Massachusetts Mini Mysteries series. These books are: The Lucky Cat, The Mistake, The Knot, The Accident, The Statue, The Onyx Pig, The Yogini, The Play Date, The Dancers, and The Dog.

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