Garage Cleaning Tips

The garage is a classic junk area. As you go through cars, bikes and motorcycles, you end up with used items that you figure you might someday use. You can often have old oil lying around, used tires that you figure you could turn into a swing or planter. Because you are often tired after working on your car or bike, you leave things lying around, making it even more difficult to start the next project.

Start with shelving units and wall hanging units. Plastic works well because it won't rot, decay or rust. Now, before you start just sticking things onto shelves, look at each item and decide if you actually need it any more. Sure, it might have been vital for a previous car or for a task you used to do a lot. Maybe you simply don't use it any more. If not, donate it or offer it to friends or family. If nobody wants it, and you can't eBay it, throw it away. It's a hard thing to do - but you got your use out of it. It served its purpose. Now it is taking up space.

Once you whittle down the room to only things that you really need, then organize them and put them onto shelves. If you have a spot for each item, it'll be far more likely to get put back quickly and easily after it's used. Your items will last much longer if they're stored up on shelves, too, because bugs and mice won't be able to nibble on them quite as easily.

Be sure to know the rules and regulations of your local dump or trash systems. Items like paint, batteries, oil, etc. often have special collection rules. Make sure you dispose of these sorts of items properly.

Spills should be cleaned up quickly, especially when toxic fluids are concerned. For some reason, antifreeze seems "tasty" to pets - but it is very poisonous.

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