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The number of people running a small business from home has skyrocketed. The internet has made it very easy for people to sell items on eBay, to communicate with other people around the world. Keeping your home office clean can be very important to your family's financial health.

Many of the cleaning tips for an office are the same for a living room or other common room. You dust high, then vaccuum up the carpet. You keep the windows clean so that you get fresh light into the room. However, home offices have special issues, because of the amount of paper that collects in them. It is critical that you get this paper pile under control, so that it does not become a large problem.

Get a filing cabinet. I really like the rolling kind that can easily be moved around. I also like the rolling four-drawer cabinets for holding "in process" items like bills. You usually won't have time to file incoming mail - but you'll have time to toss it into a drawer to put it somewhere temporarily.

Keep a file for each important topic. These typically include:
Bank / Budget
Credit Cards / Loans
Health / Medical
Home Insurance
Home Purchases

Once a year, go through the files and shred anything that is no longer necessary. If you have records that you must keep for tax reasons, store those separately by year and shred the entire year once it's "expired". Usually that is after 3 years.

It's human nature to want to save things. You never know when you might need it, you think to yourself. However, you only have X hours every day and your home only has Y square feet in it. The less "junk" you have lying around, the cleaner your home will be. It's an investment into your own living style.

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