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Giving Thanks!

Today I am incredibly grateful for my boyfriend Bob. We had gone to see my Dad and Anne (and puppy!) for noon Thanksgiving lunch. We got home probably 3pm. I went right to work updating my BellaOnline server so the secure server part worked better.

I managed to get the ENTIRE SITE to shut down, publicly proclaiming it was hacked, by mistakenly revoking the certificate.

I struggled for hours to fix it and made absolutely no headway.

Bob came down, patiently sat at my computer to figure it out, and POOF it’s working again. I was completely stuck.

I Love My Bob!!!!! And he cooks! No, you can’t have him :). Go find your own!

Gratitude Day 23

Gratitude Day 23 – Our bodies do the best they can to carry us through our entire life.

What are you grateful for about your body? How does it help you explore each day?

I’m grateful that my body has stayed reasonably healthy and happy throughout my life. I do my best to nurture it with healthy food and with regular gentle yoga, although I definitely lose track of that sometimes. It’s a good reminder to refocus my energies there. I just have this one body to last me until the end.

Day 22 of Gratitude

Day 22 of Gratitude.

It’s easy to point out flaws in our childhoods. Way in which we were let down.

But we often forget just how rough many children have it. How blessed we were to have the childhood we did, even with its warts.

What are some things you can appreciate about your childhood?

And what are you grateful for today?

My parents divorced when I was young, but both remained an active part in my life. Also, both supported the other. There wasn’t the “badmouthing the other” that goes on sometimes in families.

We always had ample food to eat. We had clean clothes to wear. Right now in the world about 200 million children under the age of 5 are suffering from malnutrition. This happens in every single country on earth. We should have handled this issue long, long ago. No child should go hungry.

Today I am grateful for all the people who help me with my writing projects, from giving suggestions on book covers to offering feedback on what I write. I appreciate all that support immensely!

Gratitude Day 21

Day 21. So often we pay close attention to the issues of our family. Our close friends.

But every person on Earth should be deserving of love. Of care.

It’s also true that the actions of people in the US have all sorts of repercussions on people in tiny island nations who have little to no voice. They are victims of rising sea levels and plastic pollution.

Find out who is “opposite you” on the globe. Keep them in your thoughts.

What are you grateful for today?

Today I’m grateful I can generally get solid sleep every night. That infuses me with energy to do all the many tasks on my to-do list.

My opposite location is near to Perth, Australia. Perth is having serious issues with rising water levels and have swaths of their city underwater as the sea levels rise. It’s easy to say ‘people should move’ – because that’s fine for rich people. Poor people just can’t afford to do that. They can barely manage finances just at a break-even rate.

Day 18 of Gratitude

It’s Day 18 of our Gratitude Project!

Today is about meditation. Meditation is just such a powerful practice that lifts up every single aspect of your life. It improves your energy levels, your health, your blood pressure, your sleep, your focus, and more. I’ll link to a free book for you to read. Find even just five minutes to practice. Yes, your mind wanders. That’s the point. Your practice is to work with that wandering mind.

What are you grateful for today?

Here’s my free book on getting started with meditation.

Today I am grateful I work from home. I am trying to get so many different things done in one day that if I had to spend time driving to and from somewhere else, that precious time would be lost to me. I am able to hunker down and just move through my to-do list as quickly as I can.

Day 15 of Gratitude

Day 15! Hand-written cards are just so special. Do you have some in the house? We have a bunch at the Uxbridge Gallery for you to choose from :). Or make one! Send one to someone you care for!

What are you grateful for today?

When I was at the Booklovers Gourmet on Aug 30th I saw they had cards from an artist friend of mine and I bought two. A friend of mine is in a nursing home and I wanted to send cards to her. Now I’ve lost the cards and haven’t sent any. It is silly of me to keep hoping those specific two will show up – I should just track down or make another card to send to her!

OK there I tracked down another card and wrote it to her. It goes in the mail in the morning!

Today I’m grateful that, with a few hiccups, the kitties are learning to use the toilet rather than a litter box! They seem to have figured out the idea. That means no more waste material on their paws or being tracked on the carpet! Hurrah! And also it means no more litter and cat waste adding to the planet’s pollution. A win-win-win.

Gratitude Day 14

Step by step I catch up. Day 14! Treat your nose to something nice! Will it be a lavender bubble bath? A cinnamon candle? Maybe the aroma of chocolate? How will you gently add fragrance to your world in a way which works well for you?

And what are you grateful for today?

I have all sorts of candles and incense here but rarely use them. I also have lavender bubble bath and rarely use that. I will strive to use something each day. I have them – I might as well! I also have a little vial of Cleopatra “stress relief” aroma which I bring while traveling. It really is quite lovely. I’ll keep it here on my desk to breathe in and relax.

I’m grateful I found the time to get some laundry done today, so I have clothes to wear tomorrow :).