The Dove and the Wolf

Jerusalem Short Stories

Although Jerusalem's history had been one of warfare and conquest, Phoebe had been fortunate to come of age in a time of peace. The Romans saw fit to allow the Jewish residents to manage their own lives. But change was in the wind ...

River Jordan
Phoebe's life was moving as orderly as the recitation of prayers on a shimmering springtime evening. She was ready to leave the one-room bavith she had shared with her family since birth, at the outskirts of Jerusalem, to wed her betrothed. She would learn to love Joel, she was sure of it. All they needed was time.

And then, strolling along the River Jordan with her young nephew, she came across a scene which would change her life.

Stones to Bread
Phoebe's encounter with John the Baptist, and the words he shared with her, had touched her deeply. As had the serenity in the eyes of the man he had baptised, that quiet day in January.

Still, it was the gaze of the Roman soldier which shimmered in her dreams ... which warmed her heart in a way no other ever had ...

Pinnacle of the Temple
Phoebe's time contemplating in the wilderness has helped her view life with fresh eyes. She realizes that the jealousy and narrow world view of her fiance, Joel, will create a marriage of closed doors and constraining walls.

But what other choice does she have?

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