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My name is Lisa Shea. I’m an author and artist. In addition, I own, maintain, and write for over thirty websites. These are sites I personally created, designed, and update. Many of these date back to 2004.

At their peak, my largest sites saw between 2 million and 20 million pageviews a month. Nowadays, with competition growing with every passing second, their traffic tends to be a bit lower.

You’re on one of my websites, of course, here at Here are just a few of my other websites. Ask with any questions!

BellaOnline Lisa Shea


BellaOnline began back in 2002 and at one point was the second largest women’s website in the world. We have trained thousands of women and men on how to write for the web. BellaOnline has over 400 different topic areas, each written for by an enthusiast in that field. We train our writers how to write engaging content, how to use social networking, and how to monetize their material. It’s all free!


Lisa Shea Romance Class


RomanceClass was also once a top-traffic site. We were getting up to fifty questions a day submitted to us from people who wanted help with dating, flirting, and other topics. The site has tens of thousands of tips on a wide variety of topic areas. Nowadays people post on Facebook with these kinds of questions, but we still have that massive library of questions, answers, and advice to lend a hand.


Lisa Shea WineIntro


I had wine content online with the site GeoCities long before most other wine sites even knew about the web. I then wrote for for several years as their wine guide before creating my own WineIntro website. I have thousands of pages online about wine regions, wine reviews, wine terminology, and much more. Plus sangria recipes and Champagne cocktail recipes!


Weddings and Courtships Lisa Shea


I’ve created a non-fiction series of books describing wedding and courtship traditions in various locations. So far I’ve written books on Ireland, France, and Italy. The next book will be on Native American traditions. These are perfect for anyone looking to add a little romance into their life!


PermaFreeBooks Lisa Shea


Remember the days when books were a luxury item that only the wealthiest had access to? The rest of us common folk could only dream of touching a book, never mind owning one. How the world has changed. This site is all about the vast number of FREE books now available for all. As a side note, this monastery in Prague is open to the public for tours and is WELL worth the visit.


Holga Photography

Holga Photography

I love film photography. The Holga is a medium-format film camera made out of plastic in China. It’s delightfully old school with light leaks and chaotic behavior. Perfect for adventuring with.



Meditation, yoga, and compassion can make all the difference in a person’s daily life. So much which we stress over is really not that important in the grand scheme of things. Learn to take a step back and appreciate all we have already in our lives.




Powerful corporations have moved into many underdeveloped worlds and taken advantage of the local populations. Fair trade and ethical trade seeks to balance that out. BellArtistry finds and promotes fair trade products to help artisans earn a living wage.


ASPIsFun Lisa Shea


ASP Classic is a programming language that was in popular use back in the early 2000s when I began creating my websites. All of my sites that are not WordPress based are in ASP. Nowadays people have moved on to ASP.Net or to simply using WordPress or other content engines. But half of this LisaShea site, for example, is still hand-coded in Notepad in ASP Classic. I’ve got over 50,000 pages here – to convert those all into WordPress would be a Herculean effort.


EnjoyMA Lisa Shea


I have lived in Massachusetts for over twenty years. I adore it here. Any time I’ve moved away I’ve come right back again. I love to kayak and hike, and Massachusetts offers great options for both. Plus historical locations and the ocean.



I’ve lived in a variety of places in Massachusetts. Several homes in Worcester, one in North Attleboro, and so on. But for the past twenty plus years I’ve been contently in Sutton. It’s about mid-state, below Worcester, and features a beautiful rural setting. I have a horse farm on my street and a dairy farm around the corner!


I also have a number of other websites as well. I’ll add links into them when I get a moment! Feel free to ask me about any of these.


  1. Re: Permission Request
    Please forward your e-mail address to me so that I can send you the information from one of your articles that I have paraphrased that I would like to include in a book about faith that I am writing and will be published by Christian Faith Publishing. The material will be footnoted and your article
    and site will be referenced. I am not sure about “fair use” and would like your permission.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Lisa. Very impressive sites. I found you in searching for a Sawyer rotomatic projector. I am interested if you still have it. We have thousands of old slides which I want to screen and select those I want to digitize. Thanks.
    Dan Hynek
    Cambridge, MA

    P.S. Where in the world is Sutton?

  3. Hi Lisa. I have just finished your third book in the Newgate Prison series I have enjoyed your books so much! Just wondering when the next book in the series will be coming out?

    1. I have it half done – I got distracted by some home repairs that needed to get done before it got too cold. I’ll try to finish that up soon! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.


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