Destiny Interrupted

Sweetly Romantic Time Travel Mini-Adventures

Eternal Time Shadows is a gently cliff-hangered short story series which leads up to a happily ever after ending. From Renaissance Venice to troubled Scotland, from the Civil War to the Wild West, Elizabeth and Robert find and re-find each other. The series is clean romance and is suitable for teens and up.

Destiny Interrupted Destiny Interrupted
Elizabeth had never been in a mansion like this one. Imported Italian marble. Stunning fountains. But it was nothing to the heart-stopping emotion which swept through her when she first laid eyes on Robert. Across the swirling waltzers at the masked ball, she had been caught by his gaze and held fast.

The way his hands held hers as they danced. The rich resonance of his voice. And something about those tawny eyes ...

venicedestiny Venice Destiny
Elizabeth has been transported to the glittering opulence of Renaissance Venice. There is Robert, standing across the ballroom from her, his gaze transfixed on hers.

Just what is going on?

There are a total of 31 stories in this series. You can either read them one at a time or get the whole complete set in one book.

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