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Monotypes in Acrylic

I adore the mindful nature of monotypes. A monotype is a print made from a completely flat surface. There are no etched lines in a copper plate. No carved-in furrows in a block of wood. The surface is flat. You paint on that surface with a paint of some sort. I prefer acrylic paint on gelatin. The gelatin is flat but helps keep the paint moist. When your design is complete, you carefully lay a piece of paper on top. You press it down on all sides. When you lift (or "pull") the paper from the surface, the paper now captures the essence of that design.

Finding Serenity Lisa Shea Monotypes in Acrylic

However, the paper never takes off all the paint. It leaves a ghost image behind on the surface being painted. You can now embellish that ghost image to add to it. This creates the next image in the series. As you go, each image relates to the previous one, and the one before that, building layers upon layers.

Here are a few of my series to enjoy.

Finding Serenity - June 2018
Changing Perspective - June 2018

To learn more about monotypes and printmaking, visit my Lisa Shea Printmaking pages.

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