Making / Refreshing a Reed Diffuser

You've seen reed fragrance diffusers. They have a jar of oil-based fragrance, and then reeds sticking up out of it. They're a great way to distribute fragrance in a home without burning dangerous candles. The question is, once you use up the oil, how do you get it going again?

The answer is easy! All you need is some oil and fragrance.

For oil, use a light, mostly odorless oil. The oil needs to be able to get pulled up the reed so it then gets wafted out into the air. It needs to be mostly odorless for sort of obvious reasons :) Unless you want your house smelling like walnuts, you don't want to use walnut oil.

I find grapeseed oil works great!

For the fragrance, a few drops of essential oil does the trick. I love lavender, but my boyfriend loves orange and lemon. You can of course scent it as much or as little as you want, and even mix aromas!

Refreshing a Reed Diffuser

Just mix the two together and pour them into a glass container. Add in the reeds, and enjoy!

Refreshing a Reed Diffuser

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