Cleaning 101 - Set a Schedule

The average adult now spends far less time cleaning than their counterpart in the 1950s. We simply donīt have the time to spare! While husbands help out with cleaning more than they did in the past, the total household cleaning time is still less than it used to be. Adults are too busy working, running errands and having fun to spend the hours and hours on scrubbing and waxing.

The key to cleaning in our age is to organize what you are doing. You need to set a schedule, to keep track of when to do various chores. If you plan out your cleaning, you can do it quickly and easily, leaving plenty of time for the rest of your life.

The most important thing for daily cleaning is dishes, for health reasons. Most people have a dishwasher, so rinse the dishes if necessary and tuck them away. Give your counters a quick wipe so germs donīt fester on them. Wipe the stove, too, if anything spilled.

Each week, you need to get rid of the accumulated dust in your house. It might not seem like a lot, but it can really have a huge impact on your health - especially if you have kids or pets. Do this in a top-down approach. For each room, do a quick dust of shelves and sills. This will brush the dust onto the floor. Then do a shakedown/dust of any furniture. Finally, vacuum. If you have one of those deodorizer powders for the carpet, use it first. This will keep your air fresh and healthy.

This is more caring for the household items than a cleaning. Each month, do a sweep of things like using Pledge on coffee tables and wiping down bannisters. Wash windows and mirrors with glass cleaner. If you have a no-wax kitchen floor, give it a cleaning.

This is the spring cleaning level. Go through your clothes, putting away the ones you arenīt wearing. Give away to charity things you arenīt using. Wash your curtains. Shampoo your rugs if you have a cleaner.

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