Paranormal Astral Out Of Body Series

Lisa Shea

My paranormal astral out-of-body series is a thriller adventure following Sarah, whose twin sister has tragically passed away. One night Sarah's life changes forever ...

Astral Out of Body Series
It's 3am and the pouring rain mirrors Sarah's desolation. It's the five year anniversary of her twin sister's death. Sarah just can't face spending the day in the apartment the two had shared, so she's heading south to Rhode Island to hide out for a few days. To try not to feel so completely and utterly alone.

Astral Out of Body Series
Sarah still can't believe what is happening to her. Somehow she is able to lift up out of her body. Her sister, Mary, had always talked about astral projection but Sarah had never believed her. Now Sarah could see for herself how real it was.

Astral Out of Body Series
Sarah is completely helpless. Her mangled body is under the knife and a team of highly skilled professionals is frantically working to keep her alive.

Astral Out of Body Series
Sarah's still alive - but her body is mangled and inert on a hospital bed. And dark forces are waiting for the very second that she regains consciousness ...

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