Polymer Clay Jewelry

For the longest time, I really wasn't that fond of jewelry. Nobody stocked jewelry styles that I enjoyed. I finally came across a gorgeous medieval style medallion that I adored - until it somehow vanished! I scoured the web for weeks looking for something even remotely similar, and could not find anything.

That's when I decided to look into making jewelry for myself. Polymer Clay seemed the obvious solution - it was relatively inexpensive, could create gorgeous jewelry, and handled wire and gemstones very nicely. I have been thrilled with the results!

I enjoy making jewelry that has a medieval style to it, as well as jewelry with spiral designs. I also love gemstones that have a long history. Enjoy perusing my gallery of polymer clay jewelry!

PMC Silver Jewelry PMC Silver Jewelry
In 2009 I finally bought myself a kiln and was able to begin creating actual silver jewelry with precious metal clay (PMC) source. This creates silver jewelry that is .999 pure silver!

Malachite Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant Gemstone Polymer Clay Pendants
I enjoy the rich meaning of gemstones, the fact that many meanings of specific gemstones have been understood for over 1,000 years.

Japanese Style Polymer Clay Pendants Japanese Style Polymer Clay Pendants
This polymer clay pendant is designed to resemble a traditional Japanese scroll. The kanji symbol drawn on the gold area represents love.

Metallic Polymer Clay Pendant Metallic Polymer Clay Pendants
Golds, silvers, coppers - polymer clay can present the look of many lovely metals.

Wire Polymer Clay Pendant Wire Polymer Clay Pendants
I love wirework, especially spiral designs. They are echoed throughout most cultures that have existed.

Photo Polymer Clay Pendant Photo Polymer Clay Pendants
Polymer Clay can be used to create personalized pendants with your children, partner, pets, and much more!

Polymer Clay Journal Polymer Clay Journals
I love having small journals in my purse, in my car's glove box, and by my bed. You never know when an idea or thought will inspire you! Don't let those brilliant ideas escape from you. Create a number of journals, and keep one in every spot you might need it.

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