Attic Cleaning Tips

People stick all sorts of things in the attic for long term storage. The big problem is that the attic then accumulates things for years and years that are never looked into, and that the storage conditions are less than ideal. If you do put things you really want up there, make sure you take proper steps to help them last the months or years. Otherwise you're simply dooming the items to destruction, and yourself to climbing up there to get them and throw them away later on.

Most people switch between summer and winter clothes every 6 months. Make sure clothes are fully clean before putting them up into storage. Stains and sweat can destroy clothes if allowed to sit on the fabric. Cedar balls or strips can help keep moths away from the clothes. You want to try to maintain a medium level of humidity - if it's too wet, mold will grow. If it's too dry, clothing will crack and become brittle.

Holiday Items
I put Christmas candles into the attic one year. When I went to get them the following year, they had all melted at some point in the summer. It's important to be aware of the temperature range your attic goes through. Go up in the heat of summer and get a temperature reading. Do the same thing in the cold of winter. If something can't stand those extremes, store it elsewhere. In general, get plastic tubs to hold each season's decorations, and label it. That will make the loading and unloading of those items go much more easily.

Important Items
Never put photographs, books, or other important items up in your attic. They will easily become destroyed. Find another location in your home that can hold these items more safely - or rent off site storage.

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