Courageous Heroine Fairy Tales

A Retelling with Strength and Courage

The original Grimm fairy tales portrayed women of strength and conviction. Women who took action and could forge their own destinies. Over the years they have been watered down. I seek to reclaim them in these sweetly romantic - while powerfully heroic - retellings.

Cinderella made a vow to her mother, before her mother tragically passed away on midwinter's day. Ella had sworn to watch over her father and care for him. But then her father had married anew. Her stepmother and two stepsisters took sharp delight in causing Ella grief from morn to eve. They bullied her, called her Cinderella, and treated her as little more than a slave in her own home. It took all of Ella's courage to swallow the insults and to honor her word.

Snow White
Snow White adored her father with every ounce of her tiny six-year-old body. She couldn't understand why her stepmother was so grumpy. And then came the day when a delightful trip turned into a desperate race for her life.

Now Snow White is a young woman, thanks to the attentive protection of seven stalwart warriors. It's time for her to return home and bring justice to her kingdom.

Beauty had been raised to believe that only one thing mattered - the way she looked. When her father informed her that she must care for a reclusive noble in order to counter a debt, she went without a complaint.

But things are not always as they seem ...

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