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Lisa Shea Rosalinda Alameda Mysteries Author Lisa Shea has adored zoos since she was very little. She treasures the value of in-person encounters with endangered animals as an important way to inspire young visitors to become researchers, educators, and animal rights activists. Videos and web photos can tell a story - but spending time with a live creature in a well-designed habitat can be the life-changing moment which fosters the next Jacques Cousteau or Jane Goodall. It became natural for Lisa to embark on a project to combine her love for zoos with her desire to write and help battered women's shelters!

The Preening Peacock The Preening Peacock
Rosalinda Alameda adores zoos. When Massachusetts's summertime "Free Fridays" promotion features the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Rosalinda grabs her camera and heads east. A full day amongst lions and tigers is about the best outing she can possibly imagine.

But something's wrong at the zoo, and it'll take a combination of her Puerto Rican common sense and her fifty years of wisdom to unravel the puzzle!

* * *

The Sparkling Sparrow The Sparkling Sparrow
Rosalinda Alameda is in her element. The carousel is spinning, the bears are lounging by their waterfall, and the two elephants are playfully making music with their drums. The brilliant summer sun reminds her of her native Puerto Rico. But despite the warm sunshine and the joyous laughter of the children, Rosalinda can sense that something is not quite right.

And it's up to her to figure out the puzzle.

* * *

The Clucking Chicken The Clucking Chicken
Rosalinda and her new friends strolled through the 1830s-era 200-acre expanse which was Old Sturbride Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Normally this was an oasis of calm. But because this was the last Free Friday of the summer it seemed that every child in the region had descended to explore and enjoy.

* * *

The Gargling Giraffe The Gargling Giraffe
Rosalinda, Christian, and the three girls are on an adventure at Southwick's Zoo. There are lions, tigers, deer, and giraffes! But something is not quite right at the zoo. Will the crew figure out what's wrong in time?

* * *

The Absent Anteater The Absent Anteater
Rosalinda is on her very first date with Christian. But somehow it's not quite the one-on-one experience she was envisioning. It seems the entire crowd has decided to tag along - and who is this over by the African elephants?

* * *

The Minuscule Mouse The Minuscule Mouse
Rosalinda, Christian, and the three girls are enjoying the autumn splendour of King Richard's Faire. It seems there is everything and anything going on at this Renaissance Festival. But trouble brews around the corner ...

* * *

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