Santa’s Reindeer are Female

All of the strong, reliable reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh are female. Every single one of them. Reindeer who can dash, dance, prance, and vix :). This 100% female team is ready for all weather and all danger!

Go Comet! Go Cupid! Go Donner and Blitzen! 🙂

I should write a story where they’re the smart ones and they just lug Santa around as the smiling figurehead … 🙂

Sutton Massachusetts Mysteries

I just wrote an article for a client on Fiverr about the power of meditation for goal setting. It’s so true. A more focused mind means more progress on your goals. My goal for December is to write, a chapter a day, book 8 in my Sutton Mystery Series. Where is book 7, you ask? Not yet finished.

I’ll try to squeeze that in. But I have to get book 8 done in December as I want to write one each year and I’m out of months for 2019 :).

What is your goal for December?

1917 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter

Woo hoo! Today I bought a 1917 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter from the Firefly Art Gallery in Uxbridge MA! I am so thrilled. I grew up typing on a typewriter, and even took typing class in high school on an electric typewriter. I love the way the keys sound.

I want to create a “31 Days of …” series for the month of December. That gives me just one day to strategize. What should this series be on? Each day I can post a photo of the typewriter with a message in it. It could be lots of fun! Plus I can swap out the items in my “altar of writing” each day, too.

Any ideas? Let me know!

Here’s a gallery of photos of this typewriter. Ask with any questions!

Writing a Children’s Book

Left, Center, or Right? Some combination of colors?

I just finished writing this, based on the months I’ve spent testing to figure out the layout for bleed vs not bleed :).

Let me know if you’d like to beta-read this and give me feedback! Thanks!

Better? Worse?

I got a lot of feedback that people like the “girl on bird” cover but want better colors for the title. Which of this trio is best? Let me know if you’re interested in reading this!