DVDs – Designing and Selling Videos

This is a fairly specific field, but making videos can be really useful for all sorts of reasons. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing this to offer feedback. I sell origami videos, although I really need to make a fresh version.

My videos were made over 10 years ago and camera technology has improved immensely!

Do you ever make videos? Of what?

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Friday Free Books!

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Free Books Download Now
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Books on Publishing

Success! Just finished an enormous effort and updated books 3-4-5 in my author’s essentials series.

Book 3 is an overview of the various ways you can get published.

Book 4 is all about traditional publishing including magazines.

Book 5 is a dense, in-depth section-by-section-with-screenshots explanation of how to self-publish on Amazon and Lulu for both ebooks and paperbacks. It also covers Draft2Digital, SmashWords, WattPad, etc.

I’d love to have some beta-readers of my updated versions. Let me know if you’d like to see one of these!

What are you up to?

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Writer’s Market and Penguin Random House

For decades, the Writer’s Market book and then website was a reasonably independent publication. Both were quite popular releases by F+W Books. The Writer’s Market was a massive database of publishing, agent, and magazine information. The hundreds of pages covered the vast number of publisher options fairly.

Unfortunately, by June 2019 F+W Media was in bankruptcy. A judge oversaw the selling off of its assets. One of those prime assets was F+W Books. The very name F+W comes from its two main components – Farm Quarterly and the Writer’s Digest. Writer’s Digest was the magazine while Writer’s Market was the annual book (and then website).

The organization also published some of my favorite art magazines – Watercolor Artist, Southwest Art, and Artist’s Magazine.

The fact that these guys could go bankrupt shows how our world is always changing.

While those art magazines went off to Peak Media Properties, the book section including Writer’s Digest and Writer’s Market was bought up by Penguin Random House.

Once Penguin Random House took control, the Writer’s Market website pretty much immediately came down. And as of February 2020 it is STILL NOT UP AGAIN. That’s pretty phenomenal for a resource that thousands upon thousands of writers depended on for information.

So right now it’s a waiting game. We’ll have to see when this finally resolves itself.