Clothing Donations - Cleaning Tips

Most people in modern times seem to collect WAY more clothes than they actually need. It's pretty sad when you realize that probably 90% of the world survives with a single pair of clothes ... but that the wealthy 10% end up with 50 or more outfits. Especially with natural disasters occurring, it's important that charities have those clothes to give out to help those who have none. Go through your closet. If you haven't worn something in a year, donate it to charity. You can tax deduct the donation. Or if it's a nice item, eBay it. If you dream of getting thin - but have been your weight for 5 years or more - donate those thin clothes. When you do lose weight, you can reward yourself with a fresh wardrobe!

If you have things you used to love, but you just don't wear them any more, donate them. We all mature over time, we all change our tastes. It's OK that you loved that yellow shirt a few years ago. Frame a photo of yourself in it and hang it up somewhere. But donate the shirt to charity, if you simply don't wear it any more.

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