Yoga spinal twist

Spinal Twist in Yoga

This was my favorite pose from today’s yoga session. I love the spinal twist. It just feels SOOOO good.

Felix and Zuzu the sibling cats **both** helped by getting under me at every move. The cats wanted to help me work on my flexibility!

What are you guys up to today?

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Lisa Shea Exercise - Dance Dance Revolution

Exercise Day 3 – Dance Dance Revolution

Exercise Day #3!! It was WAY too cold to go out, but I wanted something aerobic. I said to myself, what would my mom enjoy?


Bob and I spent a solid hour clearing out my corner of the basement which has my TV, PS2, and floor dance pad. I can once again Dance Dance Revolution!!

I then spent a non-stop hour with my favorite songs, Long Train Running, In The Navy, and The Reflex in honor of Jeanne!! So happy!

Lisa Shea Exercise - Dance Dance Revolution

I have four different DDR game discs and I cycle through each in turn, because there are certain songs I like on each one. 9 on the first, 3 on the second (x2), 3 on the third (x2), and 3 on the fourth (x2). They ramp up in difficulty as they go.

Cassette Tape Cyanotype

Yoga with the Black Cats

Daily Exercise Day 2 – it is 25F outside. I am following the Kris theory of staying inside when it’s below 32F. So today I did an hour of yoga

. Both kitties helped so much with the poses. They would lie underneath me during plank so I had to hold it for longer.

Right now my body feels like a tangled cassette tape, but soon it will be a smooth-playing LP :).

What exercise did you do today?

The cyanotype is actually darker than it seems in the cat photo. It looks like this. It is a 5×7 one-of-a-kind cyanotype framed to a 10×12 frame. Available for only $40!

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Kittens and Yoga

The kittens are quite helpful in demonstrating how easy a spinal twist pose is. Simply point the arms in one direction and the legs in another. They also like to challenge me by randomly removing various parts of the yoga mat from play. Especially when I’m up in a pose and trying to transition to another one. Have you done your yoga today? If not, roll your shoulders! Every bit helps!