Lisa Shea Sci-Fi Romance

Lisa Shea Sci-Fi Romance Lisa Shea�s Sci-Fi romance novels explore the nature of loyalty and sacrifice. These stories are gently written with no explicit intimacy or violence.

Aquarian Awakenings
Nicole Bessam had finally found him. After long, fruitless years of searching, after countless missteps and mistakes, she had at last reunited with the man she had pledged her heart to. He was right there in front of her.

But he didn't remember her face.

Betelgeuse Beguiling
Nicole Bessam had begun unveiling the truth with the careful delicacy of a butterfly negotiating its way out of a cocoon. Jon had finally come back to her - but his memory was still a blank slate. Only the gentlest of touches could be used in coaxing his awareness to the surface.

Centauri Chaos
The final day was at last approaching. After a thousand years of brutal war and strife, of unimaginable pain and anguish, the reckoning was here. Nicole would stand to face that ultimate judgment. She would find out if all she had sacrificed had been enough - enough to release her from her soul-searing pledge.

Draconis Discord
Nicole was lost. After a thousand long, tortuous years of craving Nathan by her side, he had finally been hers. For one, brief, shimemering moment, they had stood side by side in front of the world. Then cruel fate - and a bullet's blast through his chest - had brought it all to a crashing end.

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