Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries

An Art Detective Dog Lover's Short Story

Lisa Shea Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries Author Lisa Shea grew up in a household that treasured art. Her mother frequently took her to visit local art museums and actively participated in the art world. As a teenager Lisa worked at the Worcester Atheneum helping out with a special exhibit. In college she worked at the Worcester Art Museum. These early experiences would lead to an adulthood rich with museum appreciation. It was only natural that she would begin writing about museums!

Sniffing Out a Crime Sniffing Out a Crime
Cindy Lange's heart lay in shattered pieces. A fluke Google search revealed that her partner of seven years, Diana, had traded her in for a newer, younger model. Seeking to retreat from her grief, Cindy had signed up to be a dog foster mommy. Duke, an elderly basset hound, was just the salve she needed to soothe her jagged wounds. His big, soulful eyes reminded her that life offered much to appreciate. Every new rose bush held beneath it the hope of a playful chipmunk or elusive acorn.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Cindy was sad to see Duke go to his new forever family, but she knew he would be well loved there. Now she was the proud foster mommy of an enthusiastic three-year-old English pointer. And how Judy loved to run! After a joyful three hours in the Springfield Forest Park, Cindy figured she'd poke in at the museum there before starting the hour-long drive home.

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