Bedroom Cleaning Tips

A lot of people ignore their bedrooms, because they figure "I'm never in there anyway". But actually you spend probably 1/3rd of your entire life in that room! Sure, you are asleep most of that time :) But if the room is full of dust and mold, you are inhaling all of that for 1/3rd of your life. That can really affect your health.

The first really important thing in a bedroom is that the floor is clear. I know a lot of people who end up with clothes all around, and I'm guilty of this myself. However, if there is some sort of emergency at night, you need to be able to get out of the bed and bedroom quickly. You don't want to twist an ankle as you try to leave the room. If you need to, get a hamper for a corner of the bedroom. It's all well and good to say "clothes should go into the laundry room" or whatever. But if it simply isn't being done, it's more important that they go *somewhere* in a safe pile, vs making a walking hazard.

Make sure you read the article on Clothing Donations - it's probable that if you're like many people, you have way more clothes in your home than you actually wear.

Closet space is always at a premium in homes. That's why you see all those clothing organizer systems in stores. If you find a cheap one, they really are worth it. Figure out what types of clothes you have and get either a second row of hooks, or side-wall hooks, or a shelving system, or whatever best matches up with your clothing collection. A straight closet with just one rod across it rarely fits anybody's needs.

Wire hangars are cheap but they dig lines into most clothing. Instead, look for plastic hangars which have rounder edges and damage the clothing less.

Look for innovative storange techniques. You can easily get under-bed storage systems, or organizers that fit into drawers to hold smaller items. There are wall organizers that keep track of earrings and necklaces quite nicely. Whatever you happen to enjoy having a lot of, find a way to organize it well.

Find a way to do a quick dust and vacuum once a week. That will keep the airborne dust problems at a minimum, so that your sleep is as sound as it can be.

If you have problems falling asleep, I have a whole set of Tips on Falling Asleep

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