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I'm a huge fan of interesting cocktails. A good cocktail can make you feel like James Bond or a southern belle or any other sort of character. Experiment and find some that you love!

General Recipes
Abbot's Dream : Baileys, frangelico
B52 Layered Drink : Baileys, kahlua, grand marnier
Bailey's Alexander : Baileys, cognac
Bailey's Amaretto : Baileys, amaretto
Beachcomber : rum
Bailey's Bomber : Baileys, scotch
Bailey's Comet : Baileys, goldschlager
Bailey's Creamsicle : Baileys, Grand Marnier
Bloody Mary : vodka, tomato juice
Bocci Ball : amaretto
Bourbon Highball : bourbon
Chambourd Divine : Chambord, peach / apricot brandy
Cherry Kiss : Baileys, Chambord
Cosmopolitan : vodka, triple sec
Cuba Libre : rum
Fuzzy Navel : peach schnapps
French Dream : Baileys, Kahlua, Chambord
Gin and Ginger : gin
Gin and Tonic : gin, tonic
Godiva Italiano : Godiva, amaretto
Godiva Raspberry Martini : Godiva, vodka, raspberry liqueur
Godiva White Russian : Godiva, vodka
Grasshopper : Baileys, Godiva
Harley Davidson : baileys, midori, Jagermeister
Hummer : baileys, kahlua, frangelico
Irish Coffee : whiskey
Irish Flag : Baileys, Grand Marnier
Irish Paddy : Baileys
James Bond Martini : gin, vodka, vermouth
Jellyfish : amaretto
Lemon Drop : vodka, cointreau
Leprechaun's Gold : Bailey's, goldschlager
Loch Ness Monster : Bailey's, midori, chartreuse
Margarita : tequila, grand marnier, cointreau
Mint Chocolate : Baileys, Kahlua
Moscow Mule : vodka
New Yorker : bourbon
Peach Iced Tea : peach schnapps
Pink Lady : gin, grenadine
Red Bird : Bailey's, vodka
Rusty Nail : scotch, drambuie
Strawberry Daquiri : rum
Tequila Sunrise : tequila
The Big O : Baileys, amaretto, vodka
White Russian : kaluah, vodka

Pineapple Drink Recipes
57 Chevy : bourbon, grand marnier, vodka
Amaretto Pineapple : midori, amaretto
Blue Hawaiian : rum, blue curacao
Park Avenue : gin, vermouth
Pineapple Bomb : bourbon, amaretto
Pineapple Cocktail : rum
Pineapple Rum Cocktail : rum

Champagne Drink Recipes
Champagne Bellini : peach
Champagne Mimosa : OJ

Helpful Bar Recipes
Sour Mix Recipe

Drinks by Season
Summer Cocktail Recipes
Fall / Autumn Cocktail Recipes

Cool Bar Items
Ice Ball Mold

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