What Red Wine Comes in a Jug?

Visitors usually mean a jug, like this -

Wine Jug

Many different wineries put out jug wine, this is usually their cheaper varieties that people are going to use at a party or such. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes, usually with a ring near the top to hold while you pour, since the jug is so heavy.

There's no way really to know what type of wine would have been in your jug. It could have been chianti, lambrusco, cabernet, etc. My suggestion would be to visit your local liquor store and look at the jugs they have there - most liquor stores have several - and see if any of the shapes seem familiar to you. Other than that, your real aim I think is to get a wine similar to it to drink now, because you liked that one. I'd suggest starting with a bottle of lambrusco and one of cabernet (ask the wine shop owner to recommend ones he has that are cheap but reasonably good) and see which you like better. My guess is that it was one of those two.

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