Cheap Champagne or Dessert Wine?

It really depends what you're eating, and what your tastes are. A Champagne is going to be dry. A dessert wine is going to be sweet. Those are exact opposites of the flavor spectrum. So if you have say chocolate cake and Champagne, the Champagne will taste awful. The sweetness of the chocolate cake will make the Champagne taste like vinegar. On the other hand, if you have chocolate cake with sweet dessert wine (say a tawny port) they will taste wonderful together.

It's like brushing your teeth and then drinking orange juice. If you've never tried that, give it a try - it's a good example of how certain flavor combinations clash.

I would always opt for the dessert wine because you can get a really good dessert wine for say $15 where if you're going for a Champagne there aren't many in that price range. What I actually would do though is save my pennies and go for a *good* (say $25) Champagne if your aim is to have a special celebration, and make sure the meal went with it. It's very romantic and celebratory to have Champagne, while you can guzzle dessert wines pretty much any time :)

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