Abbot's Dream Recipe

In a church, an abbot is the male leader over a group of monks in a monastery. The female equivalent is an abbess. So just why would an abbot adore a drink of coffee, Bailey's and banana? Well, many famous monasteries were in Ireland, and as we know the "Irish saved civilization" in those monasteries :). Undoubtedly those monks enjoyed eating nuts. And bananas? Maybe the crusaders brought those back for them in tribute. I don't know! Some have suggested a more "interesting" idea for the nuts-and-banana symbolism ...

2oz Bailey's
1oz Frangelico
1/2oz cream
1/2oz cream de banana

There are two different ways I like to make this. First, you can toss this all into a blender with about a cup of ice, blend it and serve it in a tall highball glass. Usually that's too much effort to me. I like to just pour them all into a low glass with ice, give it a few stirs and voila!

It has a nice creamy nut-banana flavor.

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