Drink Order - Wine Before Beer?

It really doesn't matter what order you drink in. All alcohol has calories - alcohol is a body fuel source and is chock full of calories. So you get relatively the same amount of calories from a single serving of beer, wine or hard liquor.

There isn't any difference in how quickly the alcohol absorbs really - alcohol is alcohol. The only thing that would make a difference is if you ate food with it.

Something to consider though is that a single serving of say beer is 8oz while a single serving (same alcohol content that is) of rum would be 1oz. So you could hammer down 8 shots of rum and feel "as full" as drinking one 8oz glass of beer - but you would be much more drunk. So I suppose from that point of view it's safer to start with the beer - to fill your stomach and prevent you from drinking a ton more in a short period of time - and then go on to harder alcohol where you can't fit much more in your stomach.

If instead you went with the shots, you could drink a lot of shots before your stomach started to feel full. If you then switched to beer, it would be too late, you'd already be over the legal limit.

Wine is in the middle of the two as far as alcoholic content goes.

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