Do Alcoholic Beverages Expire?

Every type of alcohol has different components. So in a way it's like asking if "food" expires. Fresh strawberries might get mouldy in only 1 day - but dried pasta might last a year or two before they got iffy to eat.

Let's say this alcohol is from about 6 months ago. A lot has to do with how it's been stored. Beer will skunk if exposed to sunlight or hot temperatures. If you've stored it in a fridge it should still be good. Wine will turn to vinegar if exposed to sunlight or hot temperatures. Some wine is meant to drink quickly (think white zinfandel) while other wines don't taste good until they've aged for 10 or 20 years. I imagine if you were drinking these things on six months ago that these weren't fine Bordeaux bottles that you had, though. So if it's only 6 months later, the wine is still probably fine as long as it wasn't sitting on the counter by your stove.

Hard alcohol (like rum, vodka etc) is sort of a mixed bag. Yes, it has the high alcohol which keeps it from spoiling. But, for example, Bailey's tastes best when drunk 6 months after opening because of the milk content. Many other alcoholic drinks have added ingredients that give them the same sort of timeline. Usually they say it on the bottle - but sometimes they don't. So it would depend if it's a straight alcohol with high alcohol like Bacardi 151 Rum, or if it's some sort of a mixed blend like Bailey's Irish Cream.

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