Good Tasting Alcohol that's Low on Calories?

Anyone who responds with any alcoholic drink is going to be giving you something with lots of calories :) Alcohol is one of the four main calorie sources in the world, the other 3 being carbohyrates, protein and fat.

I have a whole page on determining the calories in any alcoholic beverage -

Wine and Calories

Here are some samples -

5oz Wine: 100 calories
5oz "Lite" wine: 80 calories
12oz Wine Spritzer: 120 calories
12oz Wine Cooler: 215 calories
12oz can of beer: 146 calories
2.5oz shot of rum/vodka/etc: ~100 - 120 calories

So even a small shot of rum is say 120 calories, and usually if you're making a rum-and-diet-coke you are using more than a shot :)

In any case you can certainly try some of the "low carb" wines on the market, there are several options. Really though the solution is to kick up your activity level so that you are burning off the alcohol calories you are consuming. Otherwise if you have a diet plan - and then add *in* alcohol to it - it's going to affect your plan. You need to account for those alcoholic calories.

I run both a low carb site and a wine site, and I always go for wine (not the low carb stuff, but real wine because the difference is really tiny and the flavor difference isn't worth it). Wine is low in calories because it's lower % alcohol than mixed drinks, and it's got all the antioxidants etc. which will help with your health. So you get benefits in two ways.

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