Jellyfish Recipe

I love this recipe, it is SO cool looking! It really helps to have straws to make this drink with.

creme de cacao (the clear version)

First, half fill a very tall, clear shot glass with creme de cacao. Add in amaretto almost to the top.

Stick one straw into the Baileys and then put your finger on top to trap some baileys in the straw. Carefully release the baileys onto the top of the shot glass. Your aim here is to make a relatively thin layer across the top of the liquid.

OK, now for the fun part! Use a clean straw to get some grenadine into it. Drop *individual drops* of grenadine through the Bailey's. The heavy grenadine will pull the Bailey's down into thin threads, to the bottom of the glass. It will look like the tendrils of a jellyfish!

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