Do You Need an Expensive Wine to Have a Good Wine?

It's like asking if only expensive chocolate is good chocolate. Some people love Godiva. Some people love Hershey's. It all depends on your tongue. Every one of us has a different tongue. Some of us like salty, some of us like sweet. If I recommended a sweet red wine to you and you hated sweet drinks, you would hate this wine even if it was a $100/bottle super high end wine. On the other hand if you loved sweet wines, you might think this was the ultimate drink in the world and lust after it night and day.

I highly, highly recommend going to a wine festival in your neighborhood. For a low entry fee (say $30) you can go in and try literally hundreds of different wines. Bring a notebook, you'll never be able to remember them all :) Choose a category - say cheap reds. Now go from table to table trying all the reds under whatever dollar amount you set. Write down which you hate and which you love. You should end up with a good collection of wines you personally love, which are in your price range.

It is pretty much impossible for any other person to tell you what wines you will like. We are all quite different in the way we taste things. So even if I sat here and listed my favorite wines in the world, you could hate them. And if you listed your favorites, I might not like those. That is why we are all wonderfully unique human beings :) And it's also why thousands of wineries can stay in business, because each of them fits a certain group of people.

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