Ice Ball Mold - Silicone Large Ice Sphere Maker

I love making intriguing drinks, especially layered drinks. Half the fun is making the drink look interesting before you drink it. I am quite happy with the DeluxIce silicon ice ball mold. It's easy to use, and the results are great.

Ice Ball Mold - Silicone Large Ice Sphere Maker Part of the challenge with layered drinks is getting the layers to smoothly separate. The ice ball helps with that! You pour over the top of the ice ball and it gently slides down into the drink. This ensures it ends up on the layer it's supposed to be at without much turbulence.

The mold is simple. It's two halves of a circle in silicon. They connect together by simple pressure and stay latched. So you latch them together to form a sphere. There's a small hole in the top. You pour water in through there, leaving a little space at the top. Water expands when it turns into ice, so you want the water to expand up into a circle. Then you freeze for a few hours.

When you're ready, you simply pop off the two halves, which is quite easy to do. Your ice ball is ready! Some people obsess about using super-pure water so the ball is "flawless" but I enjoy those little shimmery air streaks in the ball. It makes the ice ball look more like a crystal ball. It makes the ball look "real" vs looking like a piece of plastic.

The ball melts slowly, so it keeps the drink cool for a long while without diluting it.

The pieces easily dishwash if you wish, although since they are only touching ice I don't bother cleaning them between each use.

I've made lots of drinks with these ice balls, and love them.

Ice Ball Mold - Silicone Large Ice Sphere Maker

I was provided a review copy of this ice ball mold to experiment with.

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