How Long does an Open Wine Last?

I've done many experiments and wine should *not* be stored out on a kitchen counter, especially after it's been opened. Heat turns wine into vinegar. This is especially true for wines that have been opened and have air contact.

Store the bottle (red OR white) in the fridge. Remember, the reason you put initially put wine in a wine fridge (i.e. around 60) is to let it age slowly and naturally, without turning to vinegar. If you have a wine too cold, in a normal fridge, it won't age properly. But the whole point of what you are doing here is to NOT want it to age any more! You want it to not get worse. It's definitely not going to get better now that air has been at it. The most you can do is hope for it to "stay the same" until you finish drinking it.

So YES DEFINITELY you want the wine in the fridge. In ideal circumstances you would want to decant it into a smaller glass bottle, so there was no further air contact. You can also do various things like add a gas layer to keep away the air, or use a vacuum pump or so on. I personally dislike vacuum pumps because by creating a vacuum they suck out the natural air bubbles in the wine. Sure most wines aren't "sparkly" but most do have some air in them. You suck that out and the wine starts to taste flat. Instead of sucking out the air, decanting into a glass bottle with no air "naturally" is far better.

But in any case, you should still drink it within 3 days to get a good flavor. Wine really starts to go downhill quickly once air gets in there.

An open bottle of wine should not be stored on its side. It's been opened. The whole point of storing a NONopened wine on its side is to keep the cork seal strong, i.e. to keep the cork moist so that air doesn't leak in - even in tiny amounts. But you've OPENED the wine. There was a ton of air in there! Any tiny air leakage issues over the next 3 days are completely meaningless. Store it on its BOTTOM so that you minimize the surface area exposed to that air.

If you want to visit, I've got lots of experiments listed where I tested wines at different temperatures, wines stored in the fridge, etc.

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