Sweetest Red or White Wine?

The measure of sugar content in a wine is called "Brix" so the simplest thing is to check a winery's website to see what the top rated brix wine they have is. As a grape is growing, over time it builds up more and more sugars. So the longer you wait before you harvest it, the more sugar the grape will have in it. That's why late harvest wines are so sweet. The sweetest wines of all are ice wines, when they literally wait until the grapes freeze on the vine and turn into little marbles, and then they crush those marbles.

So say the ice wines in Niagara, Canada are SUPER sweet and very delicious. I could hang out there all winter long, drinking their ice wines. It's definitely well worth a visit if you are a sweet wine fan. They're not just "sweet in a cheap candy way". These are lucscious with full, rich flavors - and sweet too.

They can make red ice wines too, and red late harvest wines. There are some late harvest zinfandels that are quite tasty. Also try out a tawny port - those are fortified wines that are sweet and delicious with chocolate!

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