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Textured origami paper is known as Shinwazome and is the most elegant of all origami styles. The base paper is a thicker than usual rice paper and feels almost like a cloth. The pattern on the base often has gold foil in it and is raised to give it an embossed feeling. The paper is usually done in yuzen style, meaning that it uses traditional shapes found on Japanese kimono.

Shinwazome Origami Paper
Fancy Textured Paper (Click for Larger View)

The textured origami paper is exceedingly hard to fold, because of its thickness, but the results are luxurious. This fancy paper is what I normally use for Girl's Day emperor and empress designs because it is so lush. It is almost fabric-like and has a thick texture to the images.

Because of the high cost of Shinwazome paper, using Shinwazome paper adds an additional $1 charge to each item folded.

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