Origami Rose Bouquet

The rose has been the primary symbol of love for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans adored the rose. Irish lovers sing of the "Wild Irish Rose". French lovers would kiss beneath rose arbors and rose fragrance was reserved for royalty. Italians would adorn their wedding chapels with roses. Every culture admired the rich beauty and fragrance of the rose.

Every Valentine's Day, millions of bouquets of roses are given to lovers. Weddings often feature roses as a symbol of beauty.

Origami Rose Bouquet

The origami rose is literally the most complex origami shape I offer on my site. It is made up of five separate pieces of paper, and these are not standard squares. They are hand cut pieces in the shapes of dollar bills - i.e. long, thin rectangles. If you wish, I can make your origami WITH dollar bills. If you choose this elegant alternative to normal paper, I of course have to charge you the face value of those bills as part of my cost :) I will also need to have insurance on the shipping cost, to ensure they get to you safely.

If you wish to go with paper rather than dollar bills, please look through our Single Color Paper Options and Patterned Paper Options. Note that this specific design is exceedingly difficult to make with either foil or the thick textured paper options and would cost an extra $2 for one of those options.

Here are a few examples of paper origami roses, to show you how you can vary the look by using different back-side color options.

Origami Rose Bouquet

An origami rose can be a featured part of a larger origami rose bouquet, or its own unique gift.

Origami Rose Bouquet

I love origami roses because they never fade, and because you can create them in any color you wish. Whatever your favorite color is, we can make a rose just for you.

Origami Rose Bouquet

Here is an image of a money origami rose - i.e. a rose made with actual dollar bills.

Origami Rose Bouquet

If you're interested in money origami in general, here is my page on Money Origami Shapes

For many more images of my origami roses, take a look through my:
* Origami Rose Bouquet Photo Album
* Themed Rose Bouquets

Price per origami rose:
Regular origami paper: $10
Foil origami paper: $12
Money origami: $10 plus face value of bills used (5 bills per rose)
Money Origami currency fee

Note that you need to include the price of the actual bills with a money origami rose order. An origami rose is made up of 5 bills, of any denomination you wish.

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