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A wedding is the most important day in a loving couple's life. It is the day that they say goodbye to a life alone and dedicate themselves heart and soul to forming a new family. The two individuals promise to love, cherish and care for each other until death parts them.

Wedding Origami A wedding is perhaps the most important ceremony that exists in human culture.

From the invitations to the bridal shower, from the wedding ceremony to the reception, I can provide origami to beautify and add traditional touches to every stage of your event.

My items are not mass produced - each is hand created with loving care. I customize your origami creations to match your exact wishes. You will have a truly unique decoration and token which will perfectly match your theme and atmosphere!

Look through the below ideas to spark your creativity. Please feel free to contact me at any stage in your planning to get further ideas or feedback on what you are thinking about doing.

Wedding invitation origamiWedding Invitation
Your wedding invitation is what announces the joy of your upcoming marriage to the world. It sets the tone for your marriage, and for the people who cannot attend the wedding, it is the main symbol they have of your joy and relationship. Learn more about ideas for your invitation that truly reflect your unique, creative spirit.
Origami Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding thousand crane origamiOne Thousand Cranes
Cranes are the traditional sign of love, because in Japanese culture the crane symbolizes honor and loyalty. The traditional color for weddings is white, to symbolize the purity of emotion and love that is bringing these two people together. We can also create wedding origami in other colors to match your own personal color theme for your celebration.
Wedding of a Thousand Origami Cranes

Wedding table favors origamiTable Favors
You can give a special crane or other figure to each member of your bridal party, to each attendee of your bridal shower, or even to every guest at your celebration. Origami can indicate where people should sit, and can hold special marks to award prizes to those who are lucky enough to choose the right one. This is a great way to award floral arrangements and other take-home items.
Origami Table Favor Ideas

Wedding table centerpiece origamiTable Centerpiece
The centerpiece for the table is what your guests look at all evening long - and often you allow guests to take home the centerpieces as a memento of their wonderful time. You can create a unique centerpiece which reflects your personality; one that will never fade or wilt over time!
Origami Table Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding decoration origamiOrigami Decorations
Origami is certainly beautiful on its own - but you can take it a step further. You can arrange your origami into meaninful shapes! Create a heart out of origami cranes, or a large circle out of origami doves.
Origami Decoration Ideas

Wedding flower origamiOrigami Flowers
Flowers have been a part of weddings for thousands of years. You can decorate your church, hall, and even bridesmaids and bride with gorgeous origami floral bouquets. These flowers will stay fresh for generations and can be customized to match your exact needs.
Origami Flowers

Money Tree origamiOrigami Money Tree
A money tree - also known as a blessing tree or a gift tree - is a traditional part of many bridal showers, weddings, and other events. The 'tree' is usually made of metal and has many "arms" with clips so that guests can attach their cards, money and checks to the tree. It helps to make the wealth of gifts into a display.
Origami Money Tree

thank you origami cardOrigami Thank You Cards
Cards abound at weddings. There are cards that the guests bring, to say congratulations to the newlyweds. Then there are the many thank you cards that the happy couple mails out when they return from their honeymoon, when they go through their gifts! Origami is perfect for all of these purposes.
Origami Thank You Cards

Example Photos of Crane Origami
Hanging Cranes used as Wedding Reception Favors
Photos of Flocks of Origami Cranes
Elegant Gold Foil Cranes

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