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Catalog of Handmade Origami Shapes

I have been making origami for over 25 years, and have a large repertoire of shapes I can make for your gifts and occasions. Here are but a few of my origami shapes, to inspire your creativity! Please feel free to browse through my collection, and let me know if you would like an animal or shape that is not shown.

Most Popular Origami

origami crane Cranes
The crane is the most traditional of all origami shapes, and has been folded for hundreds of years. In oriental culture, the crane is a symbol of happiness, of long life and peace.

origami flower Flowers
Flowers have been given for thousands of years, representing joy, happiness and love. You can customize your flowers to bring exactly the right message, and unlike other flowers, these will last a lifetime.

origami mobile Origami Mobile Kinetic Sculptures
A mobile is a three dimensional work of art involving balance and natural motion. Origami is the perfect component for a true mobile, and can bring peace, serenity and beauty into your life.

Full Origami Listing

origami butterly Butterflies
Butterflies have represented elegance, beauty, joy and happiness for centuries.

origami candy dish Candy Dishes / Boxes
These dishes and boxes are perfect for any party or gathering. You can use their hand-made beauty to offer sweets, nuts, favors or any other small object.

origami cat Cats and Kittens
These darling creatures are perfect for the pet lover in your life.

origami dragon Dragons
Dragons are powerful forces of change. Dragons are loyally protective companions who can help you to fly, reach your goals, and keep you safe!

origami dove Doves
A dove is the truest sign of faith and love. This faithful and peaceful bird is known to all cultures and is featured in many Biblical stories.

origami earrings Earrings
Origami earrings are a perfect way to personalize an outfit while bringing peace, love and harmony to your daily world.

origami pysanky egg Pysanky Egg
Luxurious fabric-like washi is layered over a wooden egg base to create these gorgeous pysanky, or traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs with an oriental flair.

origami doll Emperor and Empress Dolls
The emperor and empress dolls are traditional gifts for boys and girls. They also make a perfect symbol for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary.

origami fish Goldfish
The goldfish is a well known animal in Japan - most ponds have gorgeous koi in them. They bring serenity, wealth and happiness. These goldfish origami are great for hanging on a tree or enclosing in a card.

origami cube Lucky Cube
Created from six connected pieces of origami paper, this lucky cube will bring order and security to your world.

origami crane pin Pin
Origami crane pins can add a beautiful accent to your sweater, your hat, your purse, or anything else that you can pin a crane to.

origami swan Swans
The swan is a loyal and beautiful bird. Around the world, the swan is a symbol of elegance, love, and happiness.

origami tortoise Tortoises
The turtle is revered as the foundation of the earth in many cultures. This sturdy creature represents stability, structure, faith and long lasting commitment.

You can also enjoy my Free Origami Themed Bookmarks!

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